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Kitchen Trolleys

Foster’s high quality kitchen trolleys suit a wide range of kitchen and restaurant applications. All products are of rigid 304 stainless steel construction and require no assembly.

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Serving Trolleys
70160001 Serving Trolley 800x500 - 2 Tier POA
16251031 Serving Trolley 900x560 - 2 Tier POA
70160003 Serving Trolley 800x500 - 3 Tier 225.00
16251033 Serving Trolley 900x560 - 3 Tier 393.00
Multi-function service or clearing trolley
Tray Clearing Trolleys
70160005 Tray Clearing Single Trolley POA
70160006 Tray Clearing Single Trolley w/ Side Panels POA
70160007 Tray Clearing Double Trolley POA
70160008 Tray Clearing Double Trolley w/ Side Panels POA
Self service tray clearing trolleys available in several formats
Tray & Cutlery Dispense Trolleys
70160009 Tray Dispense Trolley POA
70160010 Cutlery Dispense Trolley - 3 Tier POA
70160011 Cutlery Dispense Trolley - 4 Tier POA
70160012 Cutlery Dispense Trolley - 2 Tier & Shelf POA
Cutlery dispense trolleys include '4 compartment' cutlery trays